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about 75% sure I want to move to Portland. been looking all around that city at cool shit to do, places to live.. the weather.. the public transportation. I HATE DRIVING, so it just fits. once I get an email back from this lab out there if it’s good news, we are out. i love california, but i long for more condensed city living.. ala new york city, which i miss greatly.


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Costume design in The Craft (1996) by Deborah Everton

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Fear Of God White Essential Inside/out Tee

i love that he has blonde hair now! looks kinda legit on him.
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so brandon’s company is paying to move their remote employees to portland.. he doesn’t have to do it, but.. HMMMM.. living in a city-city that would be much easier to get around in and not so fucking spread out.. or as many people.. but equally if not more shitty hipsters. gonna have to do some research for sfx labs out there, talk to my teacher and see what he thinks about the entertainment business out there. also going to just research the city. 


Valentine-Illest - Fashion x Girls
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Never such a thing as too much bleach 😍
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Opaque  by  andbamnan